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Hand Scraped Hardwood Floors

Hand scraped flooring was considered the norm in the past, before machines were available for sanding and finishing the planks down to a smooth shine. This method required master craftsmen to hand plane every board by hand. The result was certain uneven pockets, scratches, and marks on the wood that made each board look unique.

This is why this type of flooring is often found in older structures that pre-date the Industrial Revolution. Today, hand scraped flooring is considered the exception rather than the norm and those who provide this type of flooring are thought of as artists. This is due to the distinct, rustic appearance this method provides. Learn more about the pros and cons of this option here.

Pro: It Provides a Rustic, Antique Appearance

There are many homeowners who believe a hand scraped wood floor will add authenticity to a home or room. They are also able to restore an older home or building to its former look, match antique furniture, cabinets or even add to the style of a room. When you are trying to achieve that “old” or “worn” look then scraped hardwood flooring, either machined or created by hand, is likely the perfect option. This flooring offers a unique, older look that will withstand the test of time.

Con: The Cost

Due to the craftsmanship required to create this beautiful type of flooring, the planks don’t come cheap. The act of hand scraping and distressing the planks is no easy feat. Those who provide this type of service by hand have to spend years learning the trade, which means their services don’t come cheap. While there are machine scraped options, they often don’t have the same character of the manually scraped selections, but both options are growing in popularity.

Pro: Provides a Durable Finish

When you opt for hand scraped wood flooring in your home, you don’t have to worry about treating it with kid gloves, the way that machined flooring with a mirror finish has to be treated. Homes that include children and pets can benefit from this type of flooring since dents, scrapes, blemishes, and scratches tend to blend in. No more unsightly marks and scars is a huge benefit that many homeowners find quite appealing when selecting the hardwood flooring for their home.

Con: More Challenging Installation Process

This type of wood floor can be more difficult to install, especially by a novice. It is a good idea to hire a professional to install this flooring as a result. Since the planks are often more expensive, you don’t want to take the chance of messing them up, or damaging them during installation.

To learn more about hand scraped hardwood flooring, it’s a good idea to speak to your local flooring specialist. Also take the time to look at the different types and find the right design and style that will match your home.

Thinking About Wool Carpet?

Wool is durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety – and wool is a renewable resource! Wool fibers are naturally superior to synthetic fibers, as well as longer lasting, inherently flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing.


  • SUPERIOR TEXTURE RETENTION & RESILIENCE… Due to the natural crimp that is inherent in wool fiber.
  • SUPERIOR WEAR — Ask previous wool purchasers… Wool looks better longer and “Wears Gracefully”.
  • NATURALLY SOLID & STAIN RESISTANT… Protection that won’t deteriorate like the temporary additives that are used on synthetic fibers.
  • SUPERIOR DYE FASTNESS… Due to wool’s natural ability to take in dyes.
  • NATURALLY FIRE RETARDANT and wool is self extinguishing. Wool is the fiber of choice for casinos and airlines for this reason alone.


  • Slightly higher initial cost massively offset by product longevity and ease of maintenance. WOOL CARPET ACTUALLY COSTS LESS!!!!
  • WOOL IS WARMER IN THE WINTER AND COOLER IN THE SUMMER. Wool naturally feels better, is more resilient, and helps moderate temperature and humidity in the home by absorbing and releasing moisture as needed.
  • Wool’s natural soil and stain resistance allows for wool to require LESS CLEANING THAN SYNTHETICS.
  • Wool is a renewable resource and is biodegradable. Wool is a way to be kind to Mother Earth. WOOL IS GREEN AND IS RECYCLABLE.


  • WOOL’S SOFT & NATURAL FEEL to the hand and beauty underfoot simply cannot be achieved with any synthetic fiber.
  • Wool is a NATURALLY DELUSTERED FIBER that is appealing to the eye and allows for a soft and comfortable appearance on the floor.
  • Wool’s natural luster and gentle light reflection characteristics give a home or office an ELEGANT AND PEACEFUL BACKGROUND.


  • WOOL CARPETS ARE CAREFULLY TESTED for consistency, performance, and overall adherence to strict product specifications.
  • The yarns are TRIPLE SCORED to enhance soil resistance and extend the life of the carpet.
  • HIGH TWIST YARNS equal higher performance and the fabrics utilize higher than normal twist multiples to insure customer satisfaction.
  • All wool carpet products are PERFORMANCE TESTED and TRAFFIC RATED to insure performance and proper utilization.