10 Cool Ways to Use Hex Tiles

One of the most common requests I get from my clients during a remodel is to add hexagon-shaped tiles. But with so many different options in sizes, colors and materials, it can be hard to know the best way to use them. Here are 10 fresh ways to incorporate these tiles into your home for maximum impact.

1. Create texture. Use hexagons in a neutral space. You can add texture in a subtle way by contrasting the grout with the tile and creating a pattern that mimics the look of a textile.

2. Mix and match. There’s no rule in bathroom design that says you can’t use more than one type of tile. Feel free to experiment. Remember hexagons also come in ceramic, marble and granite.

3. Use them anywhere. Hexagons aren’t just for the bathroom and kitchen. They can create an interesting atmosphere in rooms where the shape is less commonly seen. Besides being a great choice for a backsplash or a countertop, they can be used on an entryway floor or even on its walls.

4. Backsplash. The right backsplash should be forgiving but still gorgeous. Gradient hexagons are up to the task: They’re easy to clean and maintain, hide water marks and, of course, look stunning.

5. Flower power. Depending on the size of your tiles, you can create decorative shapes that mimic flowers large and small.

6. Pretty in pink. Like all tiles, hexagons come in different colors. Try mixing them to create fun patterns and shapes.

7. Splash of color. If you want a pop of color rather than a big splash, consider working just a few colored tiles into the mix. Hexagons are great for having a little fun with your design. A sprinkling of colored tiles will make a kids’ bathroom come alive while keeping you on budget. Order some single hexagons in your kids’ favorite colors for a playful effect.

8. Focal point. You can mix hexagons with rectangular or square tiles as an accent to your space. Use a wraparound line of small colored hex tiles to make a bold statement.

9. Drama. Because hexagons aren’t linear, they create a beautiful graphic pattern. Use them on an entire wall for a dramatic effect.

10. Geometric fun. Have some fun with them and get creative. It’s about connecting the dots so that the tiles become a single entity. No matter how you lay them, hexagon tiles can add a dose of fun and character to a room.

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