Carpets and rugs serve many purposes. At Home Select we specialize in working directly with our customers in finding a carpet that will embrace your personal style, add warmth and comfort to your home, and transform your home into what you’ve always wanted.

First off, if you already have a specific aesthetic look in mind, and know what your budget is, you should come straight to Home Select’s showroom and speak to an expert who will help you get exactly what you want and within your price range.

Household remodeling and improvements are on the rise like never before. Home improvement will continue to regain strength after taking a huge hit from the recent economic downturn.

Why are so many homeowners putting in new carpet now?

  • Almost all the customers we work with have a very specific budget in mind. It’s our job to find the best floor covering for them, and at their price point. Carpet is less expensive than other flooring options. One of the primary obstacles to maintaining the integrity of your carpet is to vacuum at least once a week and use the recommended carpet cleaner shortly after any stains appear.
  • Carpet can improve air quality. Gravity captures household particles, dust, pollen, and floor dander. Carpet fibers can trap all of these particles that would go straight into your nose and lungs without carpet. That said, you can choose the style of carpet that best fits your allergenic needs, and you must vacuum at least once a week to keep the air clean.
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting prevents slips and falls. Carpet is always recommended for the elderly or someone recovering from surgery or an injury. Just one slip on hardwood flooring or tile can do a lot of damage during a recovery process. Even into the everyday child and people who love to dance around in their socks, carpet will always be safer than hardwood floor.

Please learn more about our numerous carpet and rug options by visiting the Home Select showroom in Danville located at 730 Camino Ramon, Suite 170.

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