Home Select is renowned for premium quality, vast hardwood floor collections, and professional installation guaranteed. Home Select’s impressive showroom is located in Danville and provide hands-on interaction with the huge selection of hardwood flooring we provide.

Home Select offers information on every respected manufacturer we partner with. In addition, you will find on-site experts to navigate you through the showroom… these experts will help you find the perfect hardwood, stain, and installation process to fit your home or business within your price budget.

Recent technical advances in stains and finishes have made hardwood floors durable. Thus, something that home owners once shied away from is now an option for homes with pets, heavy foot traffic, and everyone else who once feared hardwood flooring due to scratches, fading, and water damage. These innovative advancements protect and enrich all types of stains and finishes that are now equipped to handle the heaviest foot traffic, dents and scrapes, and all types of water and moisture.

The value of a home with hardwood flooring has increased by more than 11% over the last year. This increase is due to a growing real estate market and high resell values for homes with hardwood floors. In addition, the wood flooring industry has outpaced the overall floor coverings market in 2009. Why? Customer preference created a high demand for hard surface flooring materials, resulting in hardwood flooring to outsell wall-to-wall carpeting.

As focus shifts towards the remodeling market, Home Select has one of the largest selections to choose from. Visit our showroom in Danville for more information, or simply visit our products page.

A recent survey of home owners and people currently in the market to buy a new home found that nearly 80% of buyers would prefer hardwood floors. Interestingly, the most important hardwood qualities they look for when searching for a home include:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Design
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Sustainability
  • Professional installation

Not surprisingly… These qualities are mimicked by real-estate and basic remodels prior to listing your home

To name a few of the benefits hardwood floors include:

  • If installed in an office or public space, hardwood floor increases comfort.
  • Unlike other floor covering options that might need to be replaced after a few years of wear-and-tear, damaged hardwood is resilient and can be refinished. stained, sanded, or polished. Making your floors look as good as the day they were installed.
  • Wall-to-wall hardwood flooring significantly reduces allergies, or irritation from indoor pets. This is simply because wood does not collect close to as much dust and allergenic properties.

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