Simple steps to care for granite, marble, and other natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most sought after upgrades in a home. Providing both versatility and timeless beauty, its not surprising that granite is the most popular natural stone option. Even though  is very durable, the composition of stone can make it sensitive to damage through daily use. There are just a few dos and dont’s that you can do to keep your homes natural stone looking as good as the day it was installed.

Tip 1: Don’t use all-purpose, ammonia or bleach cleaners. Cleaning products that contain vinegar, lemon and other acidic ingredients can dull the surface, reducing the stones luster and sealant. Ammonia based products should not be used as well.

Tip 2: Do use safe stone cleaners. Zep is a good cleaner plus polish, or CleanStone plus cleaner and degreaser for sink areas and high traffic floors.

Tip 3: Clean up spills immediately. Because natural stone is porous, even if its been sealed, some liquids are especially acidic. In bathrooms, soap, perfume spills can have a higher potential for damage.

Tip 4: Don’use scouring pads for tough spills. use a soft cloth to wipe up spills. Tough spills or hardened food, spray and let it soak for a few minutes.

Tip 5: Do seal you stone surfaces. This needs to happen regularly. Use a cleaner that has a sealer in it as well, like CleanStone+protectant+sealer that rejuvenates stone grout seal without leaving a residue.

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