Thinking of Going Back to Carpet?

Well, you are not alone! Our friend Emily at Shaw Floors says their company is seeing more and more people who miss the comfort and quietness of carpet.

So, if the thought of hardwood makes your feet hurt, here are some reasons to choose carpet for your home.

1. Softer

While nylon carpet fibers have long held a well-deserved reputation for stain resistance, the sixth-generation nylons, known as Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6, are the softest yet. They’re made using an increased number of smaller-diameter, toe-coddling fibers per square inch.

They’ll resist stains and abrasions for 20 years and more. Not surprisingly, these latest-gen nylon carpets are among the most expensive of the synthetics, up to 20% more expensive — but still cheaper than hardwood, which leads us to reason number two …

2. Less Expensive

Economic realities are motivating people to take a second look at carpet. You can install a high-end quality carpet for about half the cost of hardwood.

Lets compare the costs for a hypothetical 12-by-12 room:


  • Hardwood: $1,150 to $1,750
  • Carpet: $300 to $600

3. More Quiet

Got children? Definitely carpet their rooms! Carpeting is a great sound blocker; in fact, it’s one of the most efficient building materials available when it comes to absorbing noise. With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .40 to .50, carpet easily bests hardwood’s NRC of .05 to .15.

Besides that, you can hush baby’s nursery, any bedroom, media room, and reading room.

4. Personality

Carpeting has options, lots of them: Textures, different types of yarn systems, hundreds of colors, patterns, tone-on-tone prints, looped carpet, tip shears — just about anything you dream up. That’s good news for those who like their homes to have personality.

Fashionista alert: Rich golds and elegant greys are on the rise, as are brighter hues in general. “We’re expecting to see very bold and graphic patterns in carpet,” adds Emily.

5. Eco Friendly

The wool and sisal carpets of today are eco-friendly options for carpet-lovers. They are much more earth-friendly and low-VOC than their predecessors because of their all-natural fibers and non-toxic dyes.


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