Tile & Stone

Let your imagination run all over your home and start journey with Home Select to install tile and stone anywhere you can imagine. Don’t forget about your bathroom, counter tops, fireplaces, outdoors patios and accent tiles as a back splash in a kitchen bathroom or bar!

Home Select’s wide variety of tile and stone from various top rated manufacturers are all available at our locally owned showroom in Danville. Visiting our showroom is free of charge and pressure. We have experts’ onsite to answer any questions you might have regarding price, design, installation, durability, and upkeep.

We understand that you may have a predetermined budget in mind when you start shopping around for stone tile, and we can help minimize the overwhelming task of putting everything together for you with in your budget and time frame.

Tile & stone are the most pain free floor and wall coverings to clean, making it easy to retain the integrity of your home investment .

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