Top 10 Bathroom Trends

Here are great ideas featured in the most popular bathrooms over the past three months.

1. Faux wood flooring. Wanting the look of wood floors in the bathroom without the risk of water damage has led many to embrace faux wood floors.

2. Integrated lighting. The streamlined look forgoes pendant lights from above or sconces to the side of the mirror. It also provides effective lighting at face level, which is ideal for plucking eyebrows, shaving and other grooming routines that benefit from good lighting.

3. Oversize sink. If you’re not a fan of water splashing from the sink onto the countertop or floor, you may want to consider a larger basin.

4. Glass blocks. A shower wall made of glass block — a popular style in the 1980s — is still a sleek look.

5. Bold shower doors. These blackened steel shower doors add architectural heft to a bathroom.

6. Wall panels. If you want a luxe look for your loo, consider adding classic wall panels.

8. Decorative windows. Adding a window to the top of a shower wall is always a great way to bring in natural light. For more visual interest, consider a decorative window.

9. Overhead storage. To make the most out of every square inch, consider adding cabinets or a storage nook all the way to the ceiling.

10. Brass fixtures and hardware. Warmer metal tones have been popular for a little while now, and are a terrific example of how brass fixtures and hardware can warm up a marble-clad bathroom.

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